Joined: Министерская сессия в Икалуите, 1998

Также присутствуют на церемонии подписания в Оттаве 19 сентября 1996 г. (См. 3-й абзац Совместного коммюнике Правительств арктических стран об учреждении Арктического совета).


Featured Projects

Actions for Arctic Biodiversity

Implementing the recommendations of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment.

Underwater noise in the Arctic

Providing a baseline understanding of underwater noise in Arctic regions, including ambient sound levels, underwater noise created by anthropogenic activities, and impacts of underwater noise on marin...
Permafrost erosion in Alaska. Photo: USGS / M. Torre Jorgenson

Climate Issues: Cryosphere, meteorology, ecosystem impacts

Developing work on thresholds and extremes, Arctic/mid-latitude weather connections and performance of global models in the Arctic, with contributions from the meteorology community; and evaluating th...
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Ecosystem Status, Human Impact and Management Measures in the Central Arctic Ocean

Synthesizing relevant information on the status, trends and projected changes in the Central Arctic Ocean, human activities and pressures in the area, and the current management measures in place in o...
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Management of Arctic Marine Oil and Gas Associated Noise

The continuation of Arctic marine oil and gas activities requires a better understanding of the sources of noise and the effects and potential effects of noise on marine mammals and fish.