Signing of the Ottawa Declaration

25 years of successful circumpolar cooperation

In September 1996, representatives of the eight states with territories north of the Arctic Circle signed a document that would shape the future intergovernmental collaboration in the High North: the Ottawa Declaration.

In 2021, the 8 states and 6 Indigenous Permanent Participants celebrate a 25-year collaboration that remains unique in the world.

25th Anniversary News

25 years of peace and cooperation – Highlights from the Arctic Frontiers panel

On the occasion of the Arctic Council’s anniversary, the Arctic Frontiers 2021 virtual conference hosted a high-level dialogue on the Council’s track record of 25 years o...
19 Feb 2021
Flags of the Arctic States and Permanent Participant organizations

Arctic Frontiers panel: The Arctic Council - 25 Years of Peace and Cooperation

The Arctic Council and the Arctic Frontiers host a high-level panel on the occasion of the Arctic Council’s anniversary
28 Jan 2021
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