Joined: Министерская сессия в Икалуите, 1998

Лиз Тер Куле, старший советник по арктическим вопросам и вопросам океанов/ СДЛ
Министерство иностранных дел Нидерландов
+31 70 348 4631

Featured Projects

Actions for Arctic Biodiversity 2013-2021

Implementing the recommendations of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment.
Red Knots. Photo: Morten Ekker

Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI)

The Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI) is a project designed to improve the status and secure the long-term sustainability of declining Arctic breeding migratory bird populations.

Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit

The project created a comprehensive long-­term energy planning process for socially-­desirable and economically-­feasible energy solutions for communities in the Arctic by developing an Arctic Sustain...

Interview with Arctic Council Observer: The Netherlands

The Netherlands have had Observer status in the Arctic Council since 1998. As an Observer, the Netherlands can contribute to the Arctic Council through meeting attendance...
10 Aug 2020
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