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Pacific Arctic Marine Fishes: an atlas and guide

The Arctic Council’s biodiversity Working Group, the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), has released Pacific Arctic Marine Fishes, an atlas and guide to 101 s...
08 Jul 2016
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Sustainable Development Working Group addresses health issues in the Arctic

In May, multiple meetings addressing human health issues in the Arctic took place in Tromsø. These included a workshop on reducing the incidence of suicide in indigenous ...
15 Jun 2016
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Black carbon and methane Expert Group meets in Helsinki 8-9 June

Reduction of black carbon and methane emitted within and beyond the borders of Arctic States will have a substantial impact on the Arctic, leading to near-term climate, h...
08 Jun 2016
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Ratification completed for agreement on oil pollution preparedness and response

Although workshops and exercises have been conducted under the “Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic” since 2014, the ...
06 Jun 2016
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ACAP workshop on CLEO Network beginning in Inari, Finland

Local observers can detect subtle changes in weather, landscapes and seascapes, and plant and animal communities. The Arctic Council is working to build a circumpolar net...
01 Jun 2016
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Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation (TFAMC) meets in Reykjavik

“The changes in Arctic waters have occurred faster than was anticipated 20 years ago, so it is important that we try to understand whether we are doing the right things w...
31 May 2016
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CLEO Workshop set to take place in Inari, June 2-3

On June 2-3, 2016 in Inari, Finland delegates will gather to discuss the first steps in expanding the LEO network to the Circumpolar region - CLEO. CLEO is a project unde...
30 May 2016
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Video: Media briefing after Fairbanks SAO 2016

Recording of SAO Chair Dave Balton's media briefing after the Fairbanks SAO meeting in March 2016.
22 Apr 2016
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SDWG Discusses Projects, Priorities and Cooperation in Barrow

The SDWG gathered in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United States at 71⁰ north latitude, to discuss its ongoing and future projects, as well as to exchange ...
05 Apr 2016
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Arctic Council Advances Work on Arctic Issues

Senior Arctic Officials and Permanent Participants met in Fairbanks, Alaska to address ongoing efforts on a range of issues of high importance for the Arctic.
17 Mar 2016
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Interview with Roberta Burns, SDWG Chair

When the United States assumed the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2013, all six of the Arctic Council Working Groups (ACAP, AMAP, CAFF, EPPR, PAME and SDWG) also w...
04 Mar 2016
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Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials Gather in Fairbanks, Alaska

The Arctic Council’s Senior Arctic Officials (SAOs) and indigenous Permanent Participant organizations will meet in Fairbanks, Alaska on 16-17 March 2016 to discuss the C...
01 Mar 2016
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Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation continues discussions at meeting in Stockholm

The Arctic Council’s Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation (TFAMC) met for a second time on 4-5 February 2016 in Stockholm.
24 Feb 2016
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CAFF Working Group meets in Kirkenes

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), the biodiversity Working Group of the Arctic Council, met for their bi-annual meeting in Kirkenes, Norway from February 2-4...
19 Feb 2016
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20 years of the Arctic Council

During its first 20 years, the Arctic Council focused much of its work on issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic.
01 Feb 2016
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Arctic Council's Black Carbon and Methane Work Highlighted at COP21

At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), in Paris, France, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland generously hosted and prepared a side event focused on the Arcti...
18 Dec 2015
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EPPR (Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response) meets in Reykjavik

Working Group EPPR met to discuss the group’s work on issues critical in the Arctic such as search-and-rescue (SAR) and preparedness and response to marine oil spills.
16 Dec 2015
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Interview: Telecommunications Task Force Co-Chairs

Meet the co-chairs of the Arctic Council's Task Force on Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Arctic.
11 Nov 2015


26 Oct-28 Oct 2020
SDWG meeting Online
11 Nov-12 Nov 2020
SAO Executive Meeting Online / Reykjavik
17 Nov-19 Nov 2020
SAO Plenary Meeting Online / Reykjavik


03 Feb-04 Feb 2021
SDWG meeting Reykjanesbær, Iceland
09 Mar 2021
SAO Executive Meeting Akureyri, Iceland
10 Mar-11 Mar 2021
SAO Plenary Meeting Akureyri, Iceland
14 Apr-15 Apr 2021
SAO Executive Meeting Reykjanesbær, Iceland
19 May-20 May 2021
Ministerial Meeting Iceland
27 Sep-01 Oct 2021
Cryosphere, Climate and Water in a Warming World Reykjavík, Iceland
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